Monday, 10 December 2012

SOPHIE PARIS! Proud 2b 1st Fashion MLM Co.

Sophie Paris with airayhannshop

MORE than 
250 new products 
in each catalogs!

JOIN Sophie!

You will be part of 34 million people around the world.

Become a MeMbeR

5 Great Reason Why You Should Join Sophie

#1 Brand new & exclusive FRENCH-designed fashion
#2 In every 2 months updated products
#3 HIGH QUALITY, Fashionable products
#4 Of course at REASONABLE PRICE!
#5 17 years of design expertise
#6 A Lifetime Membership ~ No need to renew each year

What you need to do?

Earn extra income later.
Plan to grow your own business.
Build your career.
Become financially independent.

As a new Member, you will love the Sophie products!
You will be able to meet new people
You can make new friends
You can develop new relationships
You will be REWARDED for your effort & hardwork
Personal growth both personally & professionally
Join exciting events
No sales experience ~ Attend training! We can train you.
See fashion shows
Go travel all over the world!

Yes, we help your dreams come true.

I look forward to accompanying you on your journey 
Make your life interesting.

How to start?

LIFETIME membership Fee with a Starter Kit at RM15 ONLY!!
Sophie Starter KIT


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