Tuesday, 10 December 2013

2014: Aim to improve own skills & attitude

Improve your own Skills and Attitude

Dreams & Motivational

Yup, I want to be success in various areas of my life!
(Wah.. macam bersemangat lebih jer..)
Hopefully, it will never be too late.
(Jauh dalam sudut hati macam dah terlambat jer to achieve something.. dek kerana faktor umur.. "not young anymore.. huhuh" )

My motivational quote #1: 
"It's Better Started Late Than Nothing!" Ahaks..

My motivational quote #2: 
U R Never Late To Do Changes For Your Own Good"
(Macam sama jer #1 & #2.. ahaha)

Actually I love reading;
and I recommend you good site for our exhausted mental and brain "lepaking" reading informative blogs.
Read excellent articles, obtain good knowledges.. like it a lot seh!

Discover your passion

(This is one of quite a few actually... ;p)


Year 2014 Skills to be improved / New Skills added:

i.   Writing skills 

(Yup, me nak cuba Buat Duit Dengan Menulis..) 

ii. Copywriting 

(Experienced in "Surat cinta monyet" waktu sekolah, ada lah!)

iii.  Online Sales & Marketing 

iv. Graphic Designing

Woahh.. enough with these 4 first...

Get GRAPHIC BUNDLE varieties of LATEST Tools & Graphic!  

2014 Attitudes:

*Try my best to maintain & keep ambitions high.. eventhou problems & obstacles will definitely come through to test my patient

*Failure will not let me down

*Avoid negative people who condemn me and be strong Super-power-woman!

*To Haters: *******

*Critical decision & undecided mind - Pls do not think too much! Okey??
(Erk, tak leh janji.. camner?? I still need someone to push me strongly + ketuk2 ckit.. heheh.. ;p aptb!)

Motivation & Inspiration are urgently needed.

Without it, like a bird without wings! Do we call it is a bird if w/o wings?? 

Adehh... Personally, I think, of course it is not a bird already ley.. something wierdo exist in this world.. huhu.. (sadis kan..)

A life without meaning, maybe??

Inspired by: ME-myself, Own lackness (Woman in Bisnes)  

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