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Congrats! Sophie Paris Malaysia 2nd Anniversary

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Travel Tips to Paris

Paris is one of the most beautiful city in the world.

It has a well-deserved reputation to be a cultural icon of Europe

Getting around in Paris is easy, but driving
is not the recommended way.

Move around by walking may be one of the best way for tourist.

You will have the opportunity to really savor the full ambiance of Parisian streets, shops, neighborhoods and magnificent historical buildings and also the museums.  

Public transportation is an easy access for tourist. There are metro, bus and commuter trains. 
Paris Metro Passes and Paris Visite Passes are also available to make your trip an affordable and convenient option. 
Apart from that, you can also use taxis, riverboatsbicycle and roller blade rentals for sightseeing.

One of the most wonderful aspects of Paris is the cornucopia of museums

The Louvre was opened in 1793 and has over 300,000 exhibits and is located at 99 Rue de Rivolli

Also located on Rue de Rivoli is the Mus’ee des Arts Decoratifs

Another interesting and lovely museum is The Mus’ee Marmottan, which is rarely crowded and features masterful works of art, this gem is located at 2 rue Louis Boilly

Another thing to keep in mind is, Paris has been divided into Districts called Arrondissement; there are 20 in total. 

All directions, guides and general tourist information are using these district identifiers.

Every district has characteristics that are distinct and represent the diversity and variety that this famous city provides. 

Sophie Paris, France
Places of Interest in Paris
The Louvre is in the first district closest to the center of the city. 

In addition, The Seine also serves as a geographical division as well, with everything to the North of the river being The Right bank and the to the South; the Left Bank. 
The two regions also have distinct flavor and features.

Paris is also home of some of the most significant historical buildings in the world including Notre-Dame Cathedral and Sainte-Chapelle

Other great points of interest include the Eiffel Tower, Place de la Concorde, and Sacre’-Cour, a Parisian Landmark since the 19th century.

Paris is packed with interesting and stimulating places. It has for years been like a magnet to artisans, writers and great thinkers. 

There are boutiques, bakeries and picturesque cafes; this is the destination of lovers of art and culture

There is something to do every moment of your trip, but be sure to relax and enjoy the ambiance of this historical and charming city.


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